Fondată 2000
Domeniu Companii / Instituții Publice de Stat, Producție

National Company ROMARM was set-up in 2000 by the union of the most important factories from Romanian Defense Industries and is the largest supplier for military equipments, ammunition and maintenance services in Romania.

ROMARM is a modern holding structure with 100% Romanian state own capital, under the authority of Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Relations.

With a long tradition in the Defense Industry, materialized in an experience of more than 75 years in military production, ROMARM is also a new, flexible company adapted to the free market economy rules and demands. The National Company ROMARM is the main Romanian supplier for defense technique and services and is well known all over the world, representing a constant presence on over 50 markets in countries from Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

Our high quality equipments, already known on the international market, are now available to our clients, directly from the producer, at attractive prices, with negotiation facilities for the contract terms, in conditions of mutual advantage. Our prime target is the QUALITY of our products and services. In this respect, ROMARM already implemented the quality assurance system according to the international ISO 9001 standards series requirements and is fully certified and qualified by the Romanian Ministry of National Defense.

ROMARM is composed of 15 factories (subsidiaries).

ROMARM and its subsidiaries implemented the quality assurance system according to ISO 9000/2001.

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